I go to BodyProject because it is evident that you are passionate about fitness and its an incredibly positive way to spend an hour of my day. Tim takes someone like myself who has never felt I could "get fit" and feel empowered and capable and confident and shows them that they can. Thank you!
When I started working out with Tim, it made me realize that I had fallen out of shape and it was hard to finish the workout. Now, two years later, I feel much more fit. And even though the workouts are still tough, I have gotten tougher too! My two favorite aspects of the workouts are the energy that they give me for the rest of the day and the way that Tim keeps evolving them to keep the workouts interesting and challenging.
I have been doing Tim's boot camp class for the past 6 months, 3x per week. I have noticed more definition throughout my arms, legs, and stomach as well as increased strength. I have always been a runner, and never consistently lifted weights so I would consider myself a beginner weightlifter. Tim has guided me with the correct form as well as suggested ways to make a simple exercise more challenging. I appreciate that he continues to push and encourage the students in his class to challenge themselves and never get too comfortable. He has the mentality that we are there to get better, get stronger and even have a little fun along the way. In addition to the physical aspect of this class, he is very knowledgeable on nutrition and diet. I trust his opinion when it comes to anything related to physical fitness and health.
BodyProject is a high energy, high impact judgement free experience where one can come and receive positive encouragement alongside a community of like minded individuals who are all striving to improve themselves physically! .....FYI ain't nobody scared of burpees!
Body Project is a haven for those that need support without judgement, body shaming, or comparing their efforts or image to others! A very safe and effective space to get fit!
Really great training sessions! I learned a lot of exercises, really improved my fitness and technique, more confident now to push harder - with lots of helpful motivation Cheap at twice the price!